Posted on: September 29, 2008 12:07 am

College Football

A lot of people complain about how preseason polls pose the college football season for the year. I tend to agree, but what would it be like if they weren't in existence. CFB is so fluid with its players that to base the future season off of a past season is silly.  Injuries are so tied to morale and so on that it makes it a difficult task to sometimes live up to the hype. On the flip side those that have amazing seasons end up lower than they should because they weren't expected to perform.

Preseason polls benefit my favorite team (BYU) in a big way. Some are even talking about them possibly being able to slide into the championship game (a lot would have to happen). But, ultimately the Harris poll has it right. Starting part way through the year with the first poll would really be a good thing. The problem is that the 2 other major polls have already shaped the landscape of CFB. In return the Harris poll mimics the other two. It would be a good thing for the BCS to tell its pollsters that they can't release a poll until after the 5th week of the season. The AP should wait, but they are traditionalistic in nature and will do whatever they want.
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