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Posted on: September 13, 2009 2:38 pm

Cougars looking good so far!

BYU is looking good so far. Last year remember they started out equally as good through the UCLA and first half of the Utah State game. Then they really lost their swagger and mojo. Lets hope they can get past Florida State and move forward with the same intensity and swagger as they are playing with now. If not, they become like Air Force and fade off into the sunset during the second half of the season. BYU does look special this year and without Collie (don't know what happened there) they can maybe go somewhere. Maybe he was the center of attention too much for defenses. He still caught balls and scored touchdowns, but there was something amiss there. Frustrating to say the least. Max Hall does diversify the passes more this year. As long as he can recognize when Pitta isn't a good target instead of ALWAYS throwing his way whenever he wants, they should be fine. Max does lock into his target way too much. That did free up Jacobsen in the endzone vs. Oklahoma, but wouldn't count on that being the case 95% of the time.
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